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Understanding Internally Threaded Jewelry: A Guide to Safe and Secure Piercing  

Understanding Internally Threaded Jewelry: A Guide to Safe and Secure Piercing   / Stasha Boyce

Selecting the right type of jewelry is essential for any body piercing, and internally threaded jewelry is preferred for its proven reliability and safety. Welcome to our blog, where we provide insights on body jewelry for professionals and enthusiasts. This post will explore the benefits of internally threaded jewelry and its advantages over externally threaded options. Understanding these differences will help you make informed decisions, ensuring comfort and longevity for your piercings.   

Since 1991, Anatometal has specialized in manufacturing high-quality internally threaded body jewelry, which is the preferred choice for professionals affiliated with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). Internally threaded jewelry reduces tissue damage and the risk of infection, making it ideal for new and healing piercings. With expertise in manufacturing internally threaded jewelry, Anatometal ensures that every piece of jewelry meets the highest standards of quality and safety. By using premium metals and advanced engineering, all jewelry is manufactured to support healing and long-term wear.  

Types of Threaded Jewelry  

There are two main types of threaded jewelry: internally and externally threaded. Understanding the difference between these types can help you make informed decisions about the jewelry you choose for your piercings.  

Threaded Jewelry Options

Internally Threaded Jewelry features a post with internal threads, and a decorative end has external threads that screw into the post. Internally threaded jewelry is preferred by professionals since it minimizes tissue damage and reduces the risk of bacteria to the piercing channel during insertion and removal, a critical consideration for new and healing piercings.  

Externally Threaded Jewelry has external threading that screws into the decorative end. While externally threaded jewelry is more common and less expensive, it is not ideal for a new piercing since the threading can cause tissue damage and infections, causing a new piercing to fail.  

Threaded jewelry includes straight, curved, and circular barbells and labrets. Each type offers different gauges and lengths for various piercings, allowing you to choose the best option for both aesthetic appeal and comfort. Internally threaded jewelry remains the top choice for those seeking a safer piercing experience. 

Why Internally Threaded Jewelry is Ideal for Initial Piercings  

Threaded jewelry, especially internally threaded, is highly recommended for initial piercings due to its gentle insertion and secure fit. Internally threaded jewelry ensures a tight, secure connection between the post and the decorative end, significantly reducing the risk of jewelry loss. This is particularly important for body areas that experience a lot of movement, such as navel, oral, and genital piercings. When a barbell passes through a piercing, particularly in a sensitive area, you'll want to prevent any pain from an externally threaded barbell scraping the wound. This is where internally threaded jewelry can be helpful, as it eliminates this issue. 

Setting New Standards in Body Jewelry  

At Anatometal, we prioritize safety and quality in our manufacturing process. Creating internally threaded jewelry requires precise machining to ensure a threaded hole is placed within the barbell end without compromising its durability, regardless of the gauge. Our internally threaded jewelry is crafted from implant-grade materials such as ASTM F-136 titanium and 18K gold, which are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. These materials are ideal for sensitive skin and promote better healing for new piercings. 

Our commitment to using only the highest quality materials and our focus on safe, secure threading options make Anatometal a trusted name in the piercing industry. We continue to support professional piercers worldwide by providing exceptional jewelry that meets the highest standards of safety and craftsmanship.