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About Us

Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge 21st-century technology with refined manufacturing techniques, forming a contemporary guild of dedicated and responsible craftsmen. Each day, we strive to deliver exceptional customer support, leveraging our personal experience with body piercing jewelry, the expertise of our professional piercers on staff, and a profound passion for this ancient art.
The intersection of science and art is evident as we consistently update and apply our knowledge of metal specifications, ensuring safety, comfort, and durability. Building upon our established prominence and hard-earned success in the industry, we take a leadership role in uniting the finest American resources. Anatometal's reputation as the most respected body jewelry company globally is rooted in the use of domestic materials that meet our exacting standards, combined with a motivated and talented staff.
Our vision revolves around the meticulous handcrafting of top-quality, classically designed body piercing jewelry. This vision permeates every stage of production, from the utilization of implant-grade materials and adherence to precision specifications to the hand polishing and packaging of the exquisite products proudly bearing the Anatometal label since 1991.
Anatometal has been associated with the Association of Professional Piercers since its inception, holding the distinction of being the organization's first corporate member. We take pride in unwaveringly adhering to their specifications and standards.  After all, we played a pivotal role in establishing those minimum standards over two decades ago. 
Anatometal designs and manufactures all products in the USA.