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Pioneering Sustainability in the Body Jewelry Industry: Anatometal’s Commitment to Green Manufacturing

Pioneering Sustainability in the Body Jewelry Industry: Anatometal’s Commitment to Green Manufacturing / Stasha Boyce

At Anatometal, we’re not just crafting the highest quality body jewelry; our green manufacturing initiatives are a cornerstone of our operations, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices as a green manufacturing company. In 2017, Anatometal earned a Green Building award from the city of Santa Cruz for utilizing the highest standards of green construction and sustainable design. Our dedication to these principles continues as we constantly seek innovative solutions to enhance our green manufacturing practices and reduce our environmental footprint further.

“We have a moral obligation to this planet we call home.” – Barry Blanchard.

Harnessing Solar Power

Our Facilities are powered by an impressive solar array, producing our energy needs and offsetting 266.5 tons of CO2. Our use of renewable energy not only reduced our carbon footprint, but also set a precedent in sustainable manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Our commitment to sustainability extends into the very mechanics of our manufacturing process. By incorporating plant-based lubricants in our machining operations, we significantly reduce harmful environmental impacts associated with petroleum-based products. These biodegradable lubricants help us maintain cleaner production.

Metal Recycling


We diligently gather metal remnants from our jewelry production for recycling, preventing them from ending up in landfills. They are then reprocessed at a recycling facility to be used in producing other goods.



Sustainable Sourced Gemstones & Metals

Anatometal ensures that all gemstones and metals are ethically sourced. Our metals (SS/Ti/Nb) come from USA mills, and our gold is certified to be conflict-free. This commitment reaches beyond our facilities supporting local economies, ethical sourcing, and minimizing ecological footprint.


As a business, we have integrated green practices throughout the entire manufacturing process and are proud to be a leader in both design and sustainability in the Body Jewelry industry.