*NEW* Flourish Collection

Introducing our new Flourish Collection! These Threaded/Threadless ends were designed with quality and luxury in mind. Show off your unique style today with our beautiful, timeless pieces that are sure to dazzle!

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*NEW* Hannya And Winged Skull Captive Beads

Introducing our new Hannya and Winged Skull Captive Beads! Available in solid 18k gold, silver, or bronze and in various sizes, these unique designs create a striking aesthetic while paying homage to tradition.

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*NEW* Masonic Designs

Searching for something special to stand out from the crowd? Look no further than our new Masonic inspired designs as the latest additions to our Threaded/Threadless Ends. Each style is cast in solid 18k gold, ensuring premium quality & shine.

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*NEW* Banana Ends

We have so many new designs; it’s bananas! We just know there is a piece made especially for you. 🍌🍌

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