Side-set Gem Barbells

Materials: Stainless Steel - Titanium - 18k Gold
Sizes: from 16ga to 10ga
Gem cuts: Brilliant round - Cabochon - Heart - Princess - Marquise

Our threaded Side-set Gem Barbells are made of 2 distinct pieces.
One gem attached to an internally threaded shaft, while the other gem is threaded and perfectly parallel to the other when tightened.
Threaded Side-set Gem Barbells are available with gemmed balls, bezel-set gem ends, heart-cut, marquise-cut and princess-cut gem ends.

Our threadless Side-set Gem Barbells can be fixed on one side or have both sides removable.
Threadless Side-set Gem Barbells are available with bezel-set gem ends.
More styles to come.