Oval-cut Navel Curves

Materials: Stainless Steel - Titanium -
               18k Gold
Sizes: 14ga and 12ga
Gem cuts: Oval

Our Oval Navel Curves are hand polished to a mirror finish.

All of our gemstones are high quality lab-made synthetic stones. Each gemstone is hand set into the navel curve and guaranteed for a lifetime.

We do not use stones that contain lead.

Genuine stones available upon request.

Oval-cut stones

Arctic Blue Amethyst Amber Brown-CZ Citrine Cubic Zirconia Green CZ Lavender Mint Green Pink CZ Red CZ Salmon Pink


Teal Opal Dark Blue Opal Light Blue Opal Bubblegum Pink Opal Light Pink Opal Dark Pink Opal Lime Green Opal Blue Green Opal White Opal Red Opal Yellow Opal Orange Opal Black Opal Light Purple Opal Bold Red Opal Purple Opal Hot Pink Opal