Bezel-set Navel Curves

Materials: Stainless Steel - Titanium - 18k Gold
Sizes: 14ga and 12ga
Gem cuts: Brilliant round - Cabochon
Our bezel-set navel curves have a smooth flush finish between the stone and the steel allowing for a smooth transition and comfort.

On 14ga and 12ga Prong-set Navel Curves we use 6mm as a standard size, although these are also available in 4mm or 8mm.
10ga can have a 6mm or 8mm bottom gem.
From 8ga to 2ga we use a 8mm gems.

All of our gemstones are high quality lab made synthetic stones. Each gemstone is hand set into the navel curve, and guaranteed for a lifetime. NO GLUES or adhesives are used to keep the stones in place.

We do not use stones that contain lead.

Genuine stones available on request.